Wood accessories Nešo - Banja Luka is engaged in manufacturing of wooden products, emphasizing:

KU-09 Wall cabinet solid wood
KU-09 Wall cabinet solid wood

All our products are made from high-quality laminated (glued laminated) Bosnian wood: fir, spruce, pine, oak and mahogany. At your request, we manufacture and produce from your wood, with the previous selection and drying.
For painting and protection of our products we use paints and coatings from the famous Italian manufacturer SAYERLACK. For all our products we offer free transportation and installation.

For improved isolation standard we build Heat-insulating glass (LUI-glass) KW = 1.1 W m-2, RW = 32dB.

For windows use gaskets that are made ​​of EPDM material very well adjusted to between frame and sash windows. Permanently elastic, resistant temperanturne differences and temporal variability.
Standard features two gaskets for improved sound insulation.

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Wood is healthiest

Natural materials are the best choice for your living space. In areas with wooden windows there is no moisture. Our woodwork is painted with environmentally friendly water-based colors.